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LightFykki's Final Fantasy VI Game Review

Rated: 10


The game has nice graphic, an amazing soundtrack and an even better plot. Do we need something more? Well yes, of course! And that is the gameplay itself. This time it changes it a little, adding more espers (summons) to the game and making you actually draw magic out of them. This game also introduced desperate attacks to the series (although they are very tricky and hard to do in this game) and added some new style of story telling with you choosing which first part to take, more freedom in playing, more side quests and far more items, including relics which are special items that add specific attributes to each character.

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LightFykki's Final Fantasy V Game Review

Rated: 8

There are two things that need to be noticed about this game, especially about its gameplay. One is the adventurous part and the other is the fight part.
Fighting in this game carries on with the traditional turn based style, but like the game before, it has an active battle system, but unlike the original version of Final Fantasy IV, this time you can see the bar that shows when you get your turn next.
What adds to the gameplay though is something different and that is the return of jobs. Though this time, they are not just ordinary jobs, this time they are quite unique among each other and offer set of abilities that you gain by equipping them and gaining AP after battles.

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LightFykki's Final Fantasy IV Game Review

Rated: 9


This game is fun. And I literally mean, fun. There are so many ways to play this game that you will end up trying all sorts of combinations and even playing maybe multiple times. There aren’t that many things choose differently, but the story itself will make up for it. Let’s go actually this way. Instead of writing what you can do in this game, let’s write what is improved in terms of gameplay over the previous installments.

Instead of going through different classes and raising them, this time you get each separate class by each character. Each character also has its own set of abilities where it either gains more by level, game progress or some other means.

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LightFykki's Final Fantasy III Game Review

Rated: 8


This game is a good example of the classic RPG style that Japanese games had. And even so it is still different and unique on its own.
Like I said at the beginning, this game takes the style that first FF had but this tame making it more advanced looking. You still have classes or jobs like they are called in this game, but this time you gain them as you progress through the game and each of them is different and good on its own. More jobs also is more fun, right? Well true, but it makes the game more complicated if you are not used to it. You can change the jobs whenever you want, but it comes at the cost of points which you gain after battles.

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LightFykki's Final Fantasy Game Review

Rated: 7

By all means, this is a really fun and entertaining game. No matter what I said and even all those bad things, it still contains the classic style that games had back then.
It will not be fun and interesting game to play, but it will also bring back many memories from your childhood. Nostalgia… This game is full of it. From all that music, to many references, it will keep you in staying in front of it and enjoying every moment that it has to offer.

To some others, it might be just a cold and bad looking game that they will leave after ten minutes of playing. Don’t misjudge this game. That is the main rule. This game can become quite addicting if played under the certain rules and situation.

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LightFykki's Paranoia Agent Tv Review

Rated: 8

Presentation of this anime is also pretty much like I explained about the story. Story itself is hardly expressing and this one too.
But there are some things that I want to point out. You see, the whole story moves around that Shounen Bat, but who is he actually and what is his purpose? Will they actually catch him and what is the meaning behind all that illusion? That is what you will be discovering in the whole twelve episodes that this anime has to offer.

Sometimes things may seem different, like funny. Yes, this anime is yet death serious, but also it has some funny episodes. Funny if you take it, some might take it as just randomly weird. Everyone will have different opinion on this, it is just not something that you can take and watch freely. You have to think from it.

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LightFykki's Lucky Star Tv Review

Lucky Star

Rated: 8

This is where the things are starting to get really interesting. Let’s talk how the anime is actually shown, because it is very unique and different among any other there. There are similar anime and styles, but this one actually has a quality to it.

This anime catches on slowly. It doesn’t hurry with anything. You have to accept it like that and while it might be slow to some, to others and me personally I think that it means that it is quite relaxing and also how some anime should be. Watching this you will not want to finish it fast. No, you will actually want to that it goes as much as possible.
Now here is one thing that you all have to remember. Lucky Star really is funny and by that no doubt it will take you in it. What it also offers is not only comedy, but knowledge as well.

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LightFykki's Candy Boy Ova Review

Rated: 8

Short episodes, short story, few characters and even smaller plot… Yup, this is an ONA and a very relaxing one to add to that. While at first glance you will notice that this is a yuri based one, but it is a light yuri one, meaning that there are no erotic scenes or even fanservice here. No, this is a very calm anime where the main plot doesn’t matter and what all is important is the happiness of that characters.
It goes on slowly and actually and very pure to our mind. Yes, it is that relaxing and nice. Episodes are short so that means that you can watch one in between of any other anime. The plot itself doesn’t take for you to think much and there are only four main characters in total, so nothing too big to worry about.

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LightFykki's School Days Tv Review

School Days

Rated: 8

What I want to say and that you all understand is that this is not a comedy anime. Not at all and even being a slice of life, romancing, high school type anime, it doesn’t have that much comedic relief. It tries to get in with it, but fails most of the time, because just after a comedic one there is a whole different situation and comedy doesn’t last for long because you are already hocked up knowing what is going on and about the atmosphere that is surrounding the characters.

This anime has one of the worst previews of any. What kind? They are none, just a text saying the name of the next episode. First thing is that for some reason, you get more intense from waiting for that and actually wanting to see what will happen .

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LightFykki's High School of the Dead Tv Review

High School of the Dead

Rated: 9

If I was a guy, what would I like about this anime? Well, all that is presented. But interesting is, that only guys would enjoy it, but also some girls too. Why? Watch to find out, but I will fill you with couple of things. First is that this anime is heavily based on the ecchi genre and that is quite noticeable. There is much of fan service and they are not afraid to show that all. It can be sometimes just for the pure fun, but in some cases it actually takes the relaxing role and by that I mean comedy. Yes, even in the zombie filled show there is a comedy, but don’t get me wrong, this is still an anime with heavily side on the horror genre. The comedy is mostly there for the relaxing and enjoyable parts.

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